Bonnaroo Festival

Custom music and video remix set performed LIVE by us at the festival every night. LED displays mapping images to all 4 sides of the 80′ Clocktower.

Brighton Digital Festival

Live AV remix set and 3D projection mapping. Mashup set performed on boxes as a walkaround installation experience.

That Feeling

Projection mapped music video mashup installation. Live AV remix with visuals horizontally mapped onto a white table using one overhead projector.

Live Experience

Music Video Remix / VJ Residency: April – Aug 2015, Wonderland Lates, Alice’s Adventures Underground, The Vaults, London.

Interactive AV Remix Installation Experience: FutureFest, London 2015

AV Remix set: Creative Circle Awards, London 2015

AV Remix performances: MashRome Festival, Italy 2013 & 2014

AV Remix set (Supporting DJ Yoda): Cannes Lions Festival 2014 AV Remix live spectacular: Bonnaroo Festival, TN, USA 2013 & 2014

AV Remix set: Screen Social, Book Club, London 2014

Popular Ithaca AV Remixes